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Crazy Time Live Money Online Casino

What is Сrazy Time?

crazy time playCrazy Time is the perfect game for those who don’t like complicated strategies, big rulebooks, and monotonous interfaces. The game is live online and accessible from any device, whether a live dealer in a studio handles a mobile device or a PC and the action.

In Crazy Time machine slot, you see the host standing next to a large spinning wheel. Most spins on the wheel consist of the numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10. The numbers roll out in a sequence of 5, with a bonus spindle followed by another row of 5 numbers. In each group, numbers 1 and 2 are more eminent than 5 and 10. All because you must bet on the number you think the wheel will fall on. If you choose the correct number, your bet will be multiplied by it. Betting on 5 or 10 means a lower probability of winning. However, the reward will be much higher if you are lucky. Here, it’s up to a fortune.

As you have already realized, playing Crazy Time is easy, and the wheel of fortune spins non-stop. While you can choose four different multipliers, there are also four bonus features you can bet on – Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time. Return to Player (RTP): 96,08%. Maximum payout: x20000 or €500,000.

Crazy time registration

To access Crazy Time Online, you have to register. The procedure is free and does not take more than a minute. Registration is also necessary to identify the player in case of a payout and comply with the online casino license requirements.

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Registration methods

  • By phone number and email
    Select your country on the left, allowing you to choose your phone country code immediately. Then enter your number. The next column to be filled in is your email. Once you have entered your email address, remember to enter your secure password. Necessary: you should also select the currency of your game account for further settlements.
  • Linking to a social networking account
    This will make things easier and speed up the process. With this registration method, you will also need to select the currency of your account.

If you have a promotional code, remember to enter it in the particular field. Clicking the “Register” button will create an account in the official casino of your choice. After that, start playing Crazy Time online!

Depending on your chosen registration method, additional steps may be required to confirm your account.

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Crazy Time history

Slot release date: 10 June 2020. Crazy Time has been developing for a year and is Evolution Gaming’s most expensive project yet. The pre-launch test period showed high interest from players. A key feature of Crazy Time is the integration of several cutting-edge technologies into one game, including random number generator multipliers, augmented reality, video slots, and video game elements.

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Crazy Time game rules

crazy time watchThis live game has elements of full computer games, simulators, augmented reality, and additional multipliers. Playing Crazy Time is profitable and exciting at the same time!

  • The bonus feature that has the best chance of falling out on the wheel is Coin Flip. There is a multiplier on one side of the coin, and you must flip a coin to get it.
  • Cash Hunt! The bonus will take you to a separate screen filled with multipliers. These numbers then turn into shuffled icons, and you must choose the one that unlocks the winning multiplier.
  • The Pachinko bonus also unlocks a selection of cash prizes at the bottom of the screen. A ball is then lowered to these prizes and bounces until it hits one of the boxes.
  • The last and most lucrative of all the bonus features is Crazy Time. This is the hardest to bet on here, as the bonus falls on only one combination. It takes you to another wheel, where you can increase your bet by 200 times!

crazy time casino free playTo play successfully, you need to know a few things about Crazy Time:

  1. The money reel is divided into eight main groups, with 54 sectors used.
  2. Participants can bet on one value, several, or all of them. Each cell has personal settings where you can specify a different betting value.
  3. The reel in the online show starts as soon as all of the croupier’s bets have been accepted.
  4. Among the values are different multipliers (from x1 to x10) and four bonus games.
  5. The central part of the reel sectors are multipliers (4pc at x10, 7pc at x5, 14pc at x2, and 21pc at x1). They roll out more often than the bonus games.
  6. Activation of the video slot is on par with the start of the reel spin. The slot can give extra benefits to bonuses or a specific cell. Bonus activation is only possible if a sector is horizontally matched with a multiplier after a spin. Those contestants whose bet is played can win.

A high RTP percentage is declared (96.08%). This value is further indicated in the table depending on your bet:

1 96,08%
2 95,95%
5 95,78%
10 95,73%
Pachinko 94,33%
Cash Hunt 95,27%
Coin Flip 95,70%
Crazy Time 94,41%
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Crazy Time's best moments

Crazy Time casino is tremendous fun and a way for both new and seasoned casino goers to make money. Many players use specific strategies and tactics to get a winning result when spinning the wheel, which few people know about. Many post their combinations and winnings to demonstrate what has fallen in Crazy Time on forums and social networks. You can check them out by typing “best Crazy Time bet” or “crazy time live statistics” into the search boxes.

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Crazy Time biggest multiplier

In March 2021, a lucky winner was hit with the highest possible winnings! Players wagered $438 on each type of bonus game for the Crazy Time bonus.

The selected yellow arrow showed a doubling feature for the first time, followed by x1600 of the bet (x800*2). The final winnings were $500,438!

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Last win Crazy Time

Apart from the record in March 2021, there are other major winning stories. For instance, in early 2022, a player made a killing in the Crazy Time Evolution. His winnings amounted to 152,835 euros, which was the first big sum in the last six months of the game. According to statistics and analysis of gamblers, every twelfth player can hit the jackpot in the Crazy Time slot – however, there is no official confirmation of this.

Crazy time advantages

Among the excellent features of online games, Crazy Time app includes:
  1. A special chat room for chatting with other players and the croupier;
  2. Possible winnings can be higher than in other games or slots;
  3. A betting multiplier or mini-game before each spin;
  4. You can bet all sectors to cover betting costs;
  5. The game has a casino-style feel to it, which creates a unique atmosphere;
  6. As we mentioned earlier, a high RTP percentage (96.08%).

Autoplay mode in Crazy Time

Autoplay is possible. Once you’ve placed a bet, Autoplay allows you to repeat the selected bet (or bets) for a set number of rounds of play. To start Autoplay, you must place your chances in the betting grid and click on the ‘Autoplay’ button. On many sites is also available a Crazy Time free demo version.

What is the best way to play Crazy Time?

Below are the names of well-known online casinos where we can legally play the official version of Crazy Time Evolution:
  • Crazy Time Pinup;
  • Crazy Time 1win;
  • Jet casino Crazy Time;
  • Play Crazy Time Playfina.
We advise choosing officially licensed online casinos that will provide the Crazy Time game in maximum quality and all available features for the player.

The best time to play Crazy Time

There are no universal <strong>Crazy Time betting strategies</strong>; they all have advantages and disadvantages. Finding the optimal and effective style of play can only be done by trial and error, recording the gains and losses. The best option is constant monitoring of the statistics section and experimentation. The same applies to play time – there are no pluses depending on the period of the day. However, on our website, you can play anywhere in the world in any time zone at your convenience!

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