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Hi, my name is Irina; I’m an expert in gambling and casinos. I began my career in the industry more than five years ago, working in a casino in Ukraine that was part of a significant international network. I entered the gambling business for the first time through my role as an administrator. But so far, I understood that this sphere intrigued and piqued my professional interest in the long run.

I started to learn all the aspects of gambling and the regulations that apply to casinos. I also researched betting mechanisms to find the most player-friendly tactics. Since then, I’ve grown in my career and honed my gambling skills. We have a lot of conversations with colleagues about this because understanding games’ mechanics and creating winning methods for players requires rigorous study and practice. To share my expertise and experience with the world, I also continue to write books and articles about casinos and gambling. I’ve written a book and also talk and teach about gaming. My degree in mathematics has aided me in conducting more study and developing more precise playing methods.

Knowledge of several foreign languages and higher education in journalism helps me to be closer to different information sources and to analyze and generate exciting and valuable ideas. I actively study publications from my foreign colleagues. We exchange news and opinions about novelties or significant events in our field of activity. I am fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, and English, and professional programs and fellow philologists help me improve the quality of content for readers.

Moreover, I specialize in online slots, which are some of the most popular games in the gambling industry, as I spend a lot of time studying them and believe this allows me to give advice and build strategies for players who want to increase their chances of winning in this category of games.
I often attend iGaming industry conferences and seminars in Europe. In addition, I have taken several courses and training in the casino industry, including “Advanced Slot Strategies” from Gaming Expert Group and “Responsible Gaming” from International Gaming Institute, as well as being a speaker at several training sessions for closed gambling clubs.
It is a pleasure to consult on various aspects of casinos for the world’s significant journalists and bloggers. Since the sphere is actively developing, there is always a need for growth and discovering something new. Working with foreign media such as the New York Times, Bild, and Euronews requires a unique approach and constant learning. I am satisfied with the opportunity to expand my professional network.

Besides, I am an editor of the online portal Casino-CrazyTime.com, where we publish the latest news and reviews in the gambling and casino world. At the same time, I conduct my tests and research, which I am glad to share with the audience. Casino, gambling, betting – these once-alien words have become professional slang. I’ve been working with our team for about two years now.

Happy to grow, develop and discover with the team at Casino-CrazyTime.com!

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