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Crazy Time Stats

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Today’s gambling fans can enjoy the variety of games available online. In this article, we will look at where to find up-to-date statistics for Crazy Time, what tactics help to get stable winnings, and how to study the results of draws for different periods.

Live Stats for Crazy Time

Live Statictic CrazyTimeCrazy Time is an innovative online game that has gained immense popularity worldwide. This game is based on regular draws in which players participate in real-time. They bet on the outcomes of the spinning reel, which is divided into 54 segments. The entire game is run by a live host who accepts bets, spins the drum, and announces the winners of each draw.

Because of the enormous interest in Crazy Time, there are often questions related to this game on the Internet:

  • How and where can I find the draw history?
  • How do we analyze the statistics of the results?
  • What winnings did the players get in previous rounds?

It should be noted that Crazy Time is developed by a large provider, Evolution Gaming, which has licensed certificates and is a member of the association GamblingCounting, which is engaged in the control and verification of licensed gambling software. The entire Crazy Time draw history is accessible on the official website.

Visiting the Crazy Time analysis page on this site, you will find information about the last hundred rounds of the game. A separate section is dedicated to the results of the bonuses won. The right side of the page shows the number of registered players and the percentage of bets placed by them.

It should be noted that these statistics are updated in real-time. In addition, players can study the statistics of individual draws by simply pointing the cursor at the desired round.

Crazy Time Tracker

Trackers are online tools that record and display game statistics, including spin history, bonus round frequency, and recent highest multipliers. These tools can provide valuable information about trends and patterns of play over time.

Most trackers contain real-time data, allowing players to make informed betting decisions based on the latest statistics. While no tracker can guarantee a win, they provide a complete overview of the game’s history and provide players with data that can be used to develop their betting strategies.

Several specialized tracker sites available in the gambling market today provide the ability to track Crazy Time game statistics. These tools allow players to gain valuable information about the progress of the game and its past results, which can be helpful when strategizing and making decisions during the game.

But while chasing stats, remember to watch your game balance and approach it responsibly. Use to discover more about your casino balance and monitor the statistics of your money movement

What Are Crazy Time Live Stats?

Crazy time statsStudying the statistics in the Crazy Time Live game show, it becomes evident that this game can bring surprise and joy to its fans every time. The manufacturer promises a high payout percentage for the Crazy Time online slot, and the statistics can back up this claim. Interestingly, you can get information about bets and winnings in different intervals, including the last three, six, twelve hours, one day, a week, and even a month.

There is a handy statistical board for punters to help you make more informed bets. Here, you’ll find a history of previous rounds in both the main game and bonus games and percentages showing how many times a particular segment has fallen out. By analyzing this data, you may notice patterns that will help you make more informed betting decisions.

If a particular bonus game hasn’t come up for a while, you should consider betting on that bonus, as the likelihood of it appearing soon may be high. It is important to remember that each round is independent, and the results of past games will not necessarily affect future ones.

Betting strategy in a nutshell

Crazy strategyThe popularity of the Crazy Time game has led to the emergence of various strategies that help players increase their chances of consistent winnings. Let’s take a look at three different tactics that are favored among players.

Lucky Tactic: This strategy assumes that you, as a player, will sooner or later smile on your luck, and you will snatch a solid score in the Crazy Time game. This tactic suits players with a large bankroll who can afford to bet regularly, waiting for luck. The essence of the system is in frequent betting on rare sectors, namely the bonus ones. You initially prefer to avoid betting on cheap segments that fall out most often. However, even one successful bet on a valuable sector can cover your losses and make a profit.

Cautious tactics: This strategy is suitable for those players who want to slowly and methodically increase their winnings, minimizing the risks to their bankroll. The essence of the system is to gradually increase the bets, making them on the simplest and most probable segments (x1, x2, and x5). The overall probability of these sectors falling out is about 75%, which allows you to make correct predictions with a high chance of 2-3 rounds.

Risky strategy: This tactic often attracts gamblers and involves high risks. The system involves placing bets on all sectors of the playing field, but for this, you will need a significant bankroll. If the minimum segments are successful, the player will experience losses. However, if all sectors are covered and the most valuable sector wins, the player will compensate for previous losses and make a profit.

Remember that none of these strategies guarantees a win, as casino games depend on luck. It is important to play responsibly and control your bets. Choose only licensed verified casinos and verified payment wallets for withdrawal

What are stats trackers good for

Crazy Time statistics are not just a collection of numbers and facts. They are a window into player preferences, win probabilities, and historical winning moments. This valuable data has become an indispensable tool for online casinos, allowing them to improve gameplay, fine-tune game mechanics, and meet player expectations. 

Benefits of using stat trackers:

  • Increased chances of success: By analyzing statistics, you can identify patterns in the game. For example, determining which numbers or bonuses come up more often can help you make more informed betting decisions.
  • Improving your strategy: Statistics give you information about which tactics may be more effective. For example, if you see bonus rounds falling out infrequently, you may bet on them when they become available, improving your chances of winning big.
  • Budget control: Knowing how often winnings occur and what average amounts you can expect will help you better manage your bankroll and avoid unnecessary risks.
  • Predicting future results: By studying the statistics of past rounds, you can predict which sectors or bonuses may appear in future games.

The Crazy Time Stats Table

The basic statistics of this casino game can be better understood when they are presented in the form of a table. Look at the table below for just how useful Crazy Time statistics can be. The table includes the payouts, the probability of winning, and the return rate (RTP) for each bet.

Bet Wheel segments Payout Probability


1 21 1:1 38.85% 96.08%
2 13 2:1 24.05% 95.95%
5 7 5:1 12.95% 95.78%
10 4 10:1 7.40% 95.73%
Pachinko 2 до $500,000 3.70% 94.33%
Cash Hunt 2 до $500,000 3.70% 95.27%
Coin Flip 4 до $500,000 7.40% 95.70%
Crazy Time 1 до $500,000 1.85%


Are Crazy Time Stats Important?

If you are interested in creating a gambling strategy based on analysis rather than chance, Crazy Time stats become an essential element. Moreover, stats will help you refine your strategy as you play. This is because statistics allow you to determine which outcomes did not meet your probability expectations and which occurred more often than anticipated. This information helps you bet more strategically and increases your chances of success. In addition, tracking your history allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of different betting strategies and adjust your approach based on the results of previous rounds.

Crazy time wheel

Casino Stats Tracker for Crazy Time

One of the key benefits of the Crazy Time Live tracker is the ability to determine the budget for each game session and bet size based on the data collected. This helps players develop a more thoughtful and strategic approach to the game, reducing the risk of losses.

Moreover, Crazy Time Live’s account tracker helps you test your strategy’s effectiveness without playing the game. You can instantly get all the information you need to evaluate how well your strategy works and what adjustments may be required. It’s a tool that makes playing Crazy Time Live more informative and inspires you to develop better strategies for success.

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What the Crazy Time Live tracked results history looks like

The Crazy Time Live tracker is presented in a table, which you can use to find out the following data:

  • Biggest Winnings: By following this information, you will see what winnings have been received by other players, which can help you understand what multipliers and number combinations to expect.
  • Frequency of results in the last 24 hours: Knowing how often specific numbers and bonuses come up can help you make more informed decisions when placing bets.
  • Recent Multipliers: Trackers provide information about the latest multipliers in the game. This helps you assess your current situation and possible winnings.
  • Last Spins Information: You can view the previous spins of the reel to assess the current trend and decide when it is best to place bets.
  • Expected but still needs to drop spins: Some trackers provide information about spins that have not been settled for a long time. This can help you determine when it is time to change your strategy.
  • Average win statistics for each round: By looking at the average winnings for different rounds, you can better understand which bets may be the most profitable in the long run.


By utilizing Crazy Time’s stats and trackers, you can develop a more meaningful and informed playing strategy. By watching past results and trends, you can increase your chances of success and get a pleasantly surprising multiplier. Remember that gambling should be fun, and play responsibly.

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